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Transforming educational technology for our future clinicians

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, ClinicianNexus is committed to advancing the future of health care delivery through education. We listen to all stakeholders involved in educating our future clinicians and deliver the simplest solution for everyone.

Meaningful relationships are the foundation for successful delivery of care, and we've built a tool that puts the focus back on relationships rather than transactional clinical experiences.

Our team recognizes the impact that education has on our future health care system and we are committed to enabling future clincians to become partners in that future. We believe that by providing a central platform for education, recruitment and discussions that clinicians will be able to transform the way they deliver care. 

SERVICEs Overview

We believe clinical education is a catalyst for change in how health care is delivered. We also believe our care providers deserve the best tools that make it easy for them to focus on patient care.


We understand how powerful a good teacher is. We provide the platform for you to discover the best learning experience by searching for a preceptor or student based on shared clinical interests, practice goals and learning style.


Our on-boarding checklist lifts the administrative burden and centralizes the onboarding process by providing a simple checklist so that each student is ready to learn on day one.



Tracking helps schools and students monitor their graduation status and allows future employers to see a history of their experience.



Live version coming soon!

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our beta


We have been engaged in a beta test with Riverside University Health System since the beginning of April, 2017. 

During our beta, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and medical students from across the U.S. are using ClinicianNexus
to match to Riverside University Health System's elective rotations available at their clinical sites. 

During our beta we are testing the following features: 

Affiliation agreement management
Placement/rotation matching
Clinical site on-boarding
Tracking and reporting
Student, Preceptor, and Coordinator Profiles
And more...

Our Team

We are honored to assist our future health care providers in having the best educational experience possible. We are currently working to grow our advice network to help us build the best solution possible, so if you're interested in talking, here is our team:

Katrina Anderson

Katrina learned about clinical rotations from the clinic/hospital perspective. She loves to connect with people and learn as much as she can before her brain stops her. Follow her on Twitter!

Bob website-01.png

Bob Springer

Software Engineer/Co-Founder
Half handsome prince and half code-sorcerer, Bob decided to focus on the code-sorcerer half because the handsome prince half isn't fooling anyone.

Tim Schottler

Software Engineer/Co-Founder
Tim has a lovely wife named Elly and they built 2 small versions of themselves: Clay and Sam. Those three take up a lot of his time...the rest of his time is spent building software in beast mode. Check out his blog here!


Our Advisors

Paul Sufka, MD

Paul is a board certified Rheumatologist and medical education junkie. He is co-founder of The Rheumatology Podcast and the Rheumatology Journal Club on Twitter. #RheumJC. He also has a blog you can check out here!

Eric Schaefer

Eric is the Director of Business Development at North Memorial in Minnesota. He has extensive strategic planning and business development experience. 


Kathy Kamrowski

Kathy has 20+ years of experience from all points of view in health care. She brings perspective, insight and coaching to our team.


Kim Perry

Kim is the Director of Healthcare at West Monroe Partners. She brings a unique perspective in health care to our team with experience in solution selling and SaaS. 

Nick Stokman

Nick is Co-Founder/CEO of ilos which is a platform for teams to seamlessly record, share, and store videos. He is also a TechStars mentor and we are so grateful for his experiential advice!


Michael Barber

Michael is the founder of barber&hewitt, a company that helps organizations build better marketing strategies and teams. He has amazing insight on reducing friction, which we believe health care needs a lot of. 

Lauren Colvin

Lauren is a super mom who gifts ClinicianNexus with her gorgeous design skills. She also creates stunning watercolor home decor you can check out here!

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We'd love to hear from you! Please let us know if you have any ideas or questions in the form below. We are actively looking for partnerships with health systems, schools and other Advanced Practice organizations. We will get back to you within 24 hours! 

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