take control of your educational capacity

Training should be a value add to your clinical site. When you can assess your true capacity, it's easier to know when you can say yes to training our future clinicians. 

  • Create a profile and share pertinent information to draw the right students who share in your vision and culture.

  • Invite all of your coordinators and preceptors to the platform so you can work together cohesively.

  • Establish and manage contractual agreements with schools.

  • Post and manage rotation openings based on student type, clinic location, preceptor and number of slots available. 


Make it a requirement to complete onboarding through ClinicianNexus' platform and know that every student is compliant with your patient care standards.

  • Upload your standard onboarding requirements and give students and school coordinators lead time to complete each step.

  • You can message students and coordinators to assure you're all on the same page.  

  • We will capture a history of completed steps for accountability.


We realize it's your responsibility to keep track of students at your clinical site(s). You can see a real-time snapshot of what's going for daily operations or strategic planning. Our platform helps you keep the most accurate record of every student who walks through your doors.

  • Your dashboard will show an overview of students and their status in your clinic(s).

  • Students will keep track of procedures and hours associated with each rotation. You and your preceptors can validate their experiences and report an accurate account of the total training you've done in a customizable report.

  • Did a few students stand out to you? Keep track of top students and educators for workforce planning.

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