How it works

A tool should work for you, not the other way around. ClinicianNexus is designed to meet your unique needs whether you are an individual clinical site, large health system, online student or established university. 



Post your open rotations and manage educational activity for all student types in one location

When students request a match, learn more about who they are through their profile and connect with them through our messaging system

Manage onboarding requirements in one location and assign responsibility to students or preceptors to complete

Manage the status of affiliation agreements with schools

See a report of top students for hiring post-graduation

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Create your profile and begin searching for clinical rotations

When a health system accepts your request to match, begin on-boarding by uploading documents required by that site

Communicate with your coordinator about logistics needed before and during your experiences

Track your hours and procedures during your rotation and share the history of your experience with future employers

Connect with your classmates, school, and preceptors to build your professional network



Manage requests for affiliation agreements for students traveling for their experiences

Upload requirements for each clinical experience.

Track the activity of your student’s clinical experiences and ensure everyone is on track to graduate on time


Live version coming January 2018.

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