The match is approved, now what? 


Manage school and clinical site agreements 

Schools are able to establish and monitor the status of agreements with health systems right within ClinicianNexus. 

A student requested a match, but there is no agreement? No worries! Students can send a message to their school to establish one! 


schools manage rotation requirements 

Schools post requirements for specific rotations on their profiles so that preceptors are able to stay on track with learning objectives.

Schools and clinical sites are able to send messages with questions right in ClinicianNexus.


day 1-01.png

ensure required documents are completed before day 1 

Day 1 of rotations should be focused on orientation to the clinic and preceptor's practice style, not paperwork or badge access. Clinical site administrators and coordinators upload required paperwork and i available to the student as soon as the match is approved. 

Lead time requirements are added to ensure it's done in a timely manner.