tracking and reporting

Everyone is accountable for ensuring accurate tracking of educational activities.


tracking in one location 

You've matched to your rotation, day 1 is complete and now you can track that progress in the same location. Students track hours and procedures on dashboard and preceptors validate the experience for accurate tracking. 

Schools can monitor graduation rates

Schools can see progress of all students on dashboard or export a report at any time. If a student is falling behind, coordinators can make introductions to other opportunities and support the search. 

Once a class has graduated, schools will have complete analytics on where their students went, who educated, and when they completed all their clinical rotations.  

grad cap-01.png

hs reports-01.png

health systems create comprehensive reports

Health systems are able to monitor education across their system and print reports with criteria such as:  

  • Number of Students
  • Types of Students
  • Total Hours Trained
  • Top Rated Students
  • Top Rated Preceptors
  • Training By:
    • Clinical Site
    • Preceptor 
  • And more!