We’ve worked in health care and know how the gaps in the clinical rotation management process impact and impede all involved.

Our platform goes beyond data gathering and scheduling, providing a smart, transparent way for health systems, schools, and students to connect directly with one another—just like we already do on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The result is higher levels of collaboration, a streamlined but thorough onboarding process, and a more positive clinical rotation experience.

Benefits include:

  • Easy to log on, learn, and use

  • One platform for all types of health professional students and rotations

  • Enables access to an increasingly large national network, expanding reach and opportunity

  • Allows clinical sites and students to directly connect with one another, find the right fit, clarify/set expectations, and eliminate surprises

  • Simplifies communication of an otherwise complex process

  • Centralizes documents for everyone in the network, including affiliation agreements, reports, and faculty, preceptor, student, and site evaluations

  • Customer support available by phone, email, and online

  • HIPAA-compliant hosting

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More of a personal experience. It seems like a good direction to go in. We don’t just feel like a number.
— Chris, Student at West Coast University