Take control of your program's clinical education

Your clinical sites are an extension of your school. By working with them to clearly communicate site requirements, student and preceptor expectations and rotation objectives in one location you can focus on the quality of the experiences while we automate the onboarding and evaluation process. 

Manage all student types in one location

  • Sending medical and nursing students to 30+ different clinical site? Manage affiliation agreements and site requirements in one location and report all student activity from one location. 

Focus on Student Experience

  • Clinician burnout can be avoided by teaching your students good habits today. By automating notifications and tracking their progress in a simple dashboard, coordinators are now free to focus on the quality of their student's experiences. 

Ready to jump in and give it a try? Be our guest!

ClinicianNexus is free for schools during the 2018-2019 academic year. 

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